April 11, 2012

April 10, 2012

Congratulations to me! I got my taxes filed! Now on to another phase of life. What a pain, although I admit those tax programs for business are great. And I think that the IRS accepts those programs even more than many tax accountants, which is sad. I know in our state, your tax accountant should be licensed to do taxes. I think it's the same in most states now. Good for your protection.

You should ask your accountant to show you their certification. If they don't have one, YOU could get audited. I'm all about the not getting audited. Not that I cheat or anything. I mean, I actually miss a lot of deductions, because every year I find receipts after I file. Not that it would change my taxes that much, but still, auditing takes a good chunk out of your productive time.

For one thing, all my records are on my computer. I'd either have to print, or maybe I could email a copy, but some are paper receipts, which means I'd have to copy those, which I haven't. Then there's the getting to the IRS and the time it takes to meet with them. The whole thing just bothers me. I'm sure I'd end up ahead, not behind, but I would loose time.

After taxes, I also found this great article on LinkedIn about ideation. Innovation Is About Arguing, Not Brainstorming. Here’s How To Argue Productively. They say stop brainstorming and do constructive arguing. I tried that where I used to work and I got fired. Not really, but if you did argue with the owner of the companies, a lot of times you might get fired. It would be nice to work at a place that accepts constructive criticism, instead of thinking they know EVERYTHING. It would be nice to come to a compromise at least.

I never did like the traditional brainstorming process. I like free association with critique myself. Spout out your ideas, and have others make comments. When I first started this examination of my product, I asked friends and family what they thought. I got some very good ideas. Many I used when they were practical. I have to thank everyone for their input. It's hard to brainstorm, or argue when you are all alone. That's why the handmade community is so valuable.

I'm listing today and hoping I get some new images done. Not hopeful though, because it's dark as night here today. At least I don't live in the great frozen North still, where the sun rarely shines, or Texas, where there's rarely a cloud. Cleveland is just right.

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  1. Yay for getting your taxes out of the way!