April 8, 2012

April 7, 2012

Today I really only spent time listing new Flower Product. It takes so long. I really wish I could just list pictures of all the flowers and have people choose their own, but that rarely happens. Most want items already pulled together. I can list variants on Artfire, but they are linked to the original somehow and I'm still not sure how that works and if it's a good, or bad thing. I should check into that more carefully.

Someone tweeted this awesome blog about what you should have in a press kit. PRESS KIT I need to make one, but don't really have any press yet. So I have to be creative on making it. I suppose I should approach it as a neophyte. Or one who just started to come out of the indie business into the wholesale world. I might add that I was a professional lighting designer and want to move on with that. That would be good press I suppose. Hmmm, I think I have it. I need to work on my press kit soon. I'll tell you what I did, when I have it all together.

I have to finish taxes this week, then I will move on to packaging which needs photography for brochure and then press kit. I also have to finish my design website, which is coming along much faster than I expected it to. The most important new part is my resume. I have to finish that and add my latest work experience.

I really need to add more product here and link them too. Here are a few - bow tie and flowers.

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  1. The press kit is a very good idea that I will be keeping in mind for future reference! I can't wait to see what you gather together for yours!