April 25, 2012

April 24, 2012

There's about 5 more days to finish everything I need to before I go out and attack the world with my plan. For those few of you who have been reading all along, you might know that I've hit a few road block along the way. Health issues and family issues have hindered progress as well as much more work than I was expecting to have during this four month period. Last year at this time, business was so slow and this year it's booming. I guess that only goes to show that hard work really does pay off.

I am sure that I will not get my new business off the ground when I really wanted to. But I am trying very hard to get caught up. Yesterday I ordered cardstock inserts for my packaging. I've browsed background stamps to see what I can possibly use to pattern them. I really wanted a printed paper for the insert, but at this point anything other than hand printed cardstock would raise the cost of the packaging too much. Even putting a pattern on with my own printer. I can afford the labor cost of cutting the inserts and printing by hand at this point. If business picks up I can always scan the stamp look pattern and print it on the paper or have it printed.

I'm very excited about getting my packaging done. It's one of the last steps to sending my product out into the world. I have a few local places I want to start with and I suppose that I need to send them the very best of my samples. I also need to do a few small things on my website and finish my brochure. Sounds like a lot to finish in five days. That's not all I need to do. I have to finish my design portfolio website too. I really only have to finish a few pages there and add contact information. Not too much work, but way too much to do in five days.

I think that when my four months is done here. I will only post once a week, just to update anyone interested in my progress. That will give me more time to get my work done. Now, back to work!


  1. First of all, it's been very commendable that you've managed to post every day here, my blogging schedule was 3 times a week, and I didn't always managed to keep it (and now I'm on hiatus due to the laptop situation...) I can't wait to see what your final packaging looks like!

  2. Your flowers are so pretty! I've enjoyed following your journey!