April 22, 2012

April 21, 2012

Another sleepy day. I have some ideas about my brochure. I think I will make it more like a press kit, with one page of wholesale pricing. My discounting is not complicated, it's more like discount per dollar amount, instead of per quantity. Pricing is pretty straight forward too. All single brooches are the same, all double brooches are the same, all single flower necklaces are the same, all single flower tie headbands are the same, etcetera.

I have to work on that very soon. I like to plan in my head before I go about doing. I think I have to do a little more reading. I know what a press kit should have in it. I guess I should make two different books. I guess I can make them very similar, but one without the price sheet. They will be bound so I'll have to make two.

I've been doing a few finishing touches on my websites too. I think the most important thing is to make sure I have the site metatags on, and some good ones. I've been watching stats too. I get visits from pretty strange places. I need to get ranked a bit higher so I get hits from legitimate buyers or bloggers, not porn sites, or Russian websites. I know that the Russians like to see what fashion is popular in the US, but I really don't know what the porn sites are getting from my website.

I also found a rubber stamp, with writing that I can cut apart and rearrange to make a stamp for my packaging. I'm very happy about that.

Tomorrow I sew again, and hopefully I can get some work done on my brochure.

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