March 11, 2012

March 10, 2012

I know I should be saving my new found money to fix the car, but it's been so long that I've had a bit extra, that I'm spending it. Not on frivolous things, mind you. I'm spending it mostly on supplies and one extra little thing.

I bought a glass cutter that I've been eying for a long time. I want to cut my beer and wine bottles and make glasses, vases and rings for wind chimes out of them. I even have a microwave kiln that I might try to melt the rings with. I think I need to get some kiln paper though. I'm very excited about this whole recycling my bottles thing. I know it will take a while to do them perfectly, but I can always put the bad pieces in recycling.

I also bought some supplies for the future of my business. New business cards, beads for flowers, and I think I'll make my design website legitimate. It' will only cost $10 a year. Can't believe I couldn't afford even that.

Now on to finishing my design website and renewing old contacts.


  1. Definitely sounds like progress! Good luck with the glass cutting!
    : )

  2. Progress is good! Slow and steady and you'll get far!