March 12, 2012

March 11, 2012

Life is funny. It's like recycling. No really. Some people can make beauty out if the dregs, while others just spend thoughtlessly and fill junkyards with their waste. Some people see the future, and some don't invest in their world.

I've been distressed because I (we) am struggling to survive. But in doing so I've learned something I forgot. I learned that homemade bread is cheaper and healthier, that you can stretch a $10 pork roast into 6 meals, and that you can make bracelets out of soda bottles. I've learned that simple is better, that a big house full of stuff serves no purpose, and that when things get tough, there are kind people who lend a hand, and Ive learned to say thank you, instead of no thank you.

Made my first batch of flower pins. Took me longer than estimated, but time will improve as I have learned a better faster way in the making. I also have some waste when I cut flowers. I found a way to use a lot of that waste on the pin backs. That makes me happy. Even though I use recycled materials and have little waste, I hate to throw any out.  

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  1. And you've also done something else, by sharing all you are learning, you're helping others and opening some eyes out there too! ;)