March 30, 2012

March 28, 2012

Posting this a Day late. Crazy Life.

Things are going too well I think. Still not selling a lot of jewelry, but getting friends on the bandwagon at least. I really have to try to do something to get my ranking up on my website. I tried a giveaway to get people to drop by, but that didn't work so well. Maybe I need to post it on my recipe page, on the Turkey recipe I get so many hits on.

I know I can link a blog to my website, but I'm not sure that blog is appropriate. Maybe I need to make a Wedding and Garden blog to link too. I suppose a Gardening one would work. I love flowers and know about a lot of them. Ha, maybe I should find a really popular, well read blog and link that to my website. Heck with mine.

I've also decided to put a page of just my different flower types on my website. Still working on how to pull that one together. I want the site to be clean, but I think adding a page will not harm it any. I think that as for the store, it will all be bulk items and on a hidden page. For single items I will refer to my Artfire shop. It will make life a lot easier for the buyer and myself. I don't really expect to sell much off the website at this point. I think most customers will contact me directly and request an invoice.

I'm hoping for the best.

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