March 7, 2012

March 6, 2012

Today I spent much of the day drawing and editing. I also had to finish orders. What a crazy week it's been. Not a lot of time to promote my own work, when I was doing so well. Not that the designs aren't my work, just not by my hand.

My new assignment is not my forte. Cute and kitschy are not my thing, do having a very hard time designing in basically one day. I need more time for that. I haven't heard back from the company yet so I think I might have missed the mark.

On the positive side, I really only have to design my packaging for the Flower jewelry wholesaling. I pretty much have it in my head. Just need to put it to paper and see what happens. Oh and I really need shots of my new headbands. I can have a promo for those. Profit percentage is pretty good.  

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