January 11, 2012

January 10, 2012

A few days ago I was remembering how many opiates I was exposed to as a child. You may not realize this, but people used to give opiates to teething children. They were easy to get back then. I was always given paregoric. It is a mild opiate, rubbed on gums for teething and to help babies sleep. It was also the usual treatment for diarrhea when I was a child.

Also when I was young we used to visit my Uncle in NYC. There was this wonderful Asian store that we always shopped in. Big Blond American woman with a small Chinese husband, ran the shop. There were cool Asian imports, like paper fans and my favorite, tiny clam shells held shut with a strip of paper. Drop them in a glass of water and the shell would open revealing a tiny paper flower on a string that floated toward the waters surface. I loved those little shells.

The shop was filled with this wonderful “incense”, smoke and air so thick you could almost slice through it. My mother hated the smell, but I loved it and drenched it all in every time we went there. In my late teen years I found out what that wonderful smell was. It was Opium, not incense. I still love the scent to this day.

Speaking of opiates, the maker of certain gas reliever and pain pills say to throw out your pills, because they might contain “powerful pain relievers”. Uh! And why would I throw them out again?

Today is Tuesday. I weigh myself Thursday to see if I lost any weight. I need to loose 2.5 lbs to reach my goal. I don't think I'll do that unless I take off my shoes. I weighed myself with my shoes on. I need to measure too to see if I loose any inches, after all, muscle weighs more... well you know.

I took my measurements, no wonder my bras don't fit. I don't think I've seen that size for a while. I will continue to wear my stretched out sports bras though, until I get back to a normal size, and if I have to go out someplace special, well my cup will have to floweth over. Oh and is your waist supposed to be the same measurement as your hips? No? I suppose it could be worse, at least it's not BIGGER.

Still no CAD drawings, although I'm tempted to try a few tonight. I should be cutting and sewing. At least I make money doing that. I had a few sales this week. Maybe I should just focus on that instead.

I might get out the floss and embroider that leaf I was planning. I did get my eco yarn, but need to figure out the lace stitches I want to make. The leaves will be easy, bot not sure about lace.

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  1. Yay for getting to a healthier weight! And yay for sales!