January 8, 2012

January 7, 2012

I have a confession, I'm terrified of working full time. I had such a bad experience last time and damn, I have a really good memory. When I remember the horrors, like being yelled at for problems that never were my responsibility, or even part of my job, I just cringe. I try to fill in the terrors with memories of good bosses, and enjoyable working conditions. That's the only way I'll get my butt out there again.

Today I was in a very foul mood. I think I'm catching what the rest of the family has, or maybe it's because I fell asleep and missed the end of Merlin. Maybe it's because the powers that be at the site I'm selling at, all of a sudden are doing things to harm the site and turn off their customers (us). I'm so mad at the arrogance of a certain person there, and I was trying to be all peaceful and loving. HA! It might also be because I'm damn sore from exercising. But as soon as Poppy leaves with her friend I'm exercising.

I didn't exercise till later cause I had a drunk day. I was moody and I needed it and I ate a beef hamburger for lunch an hour late because I had to watch the baby and had to take off the cat litter and cat and bird food and boxes and fabric bucket off the water softener that takes the place of one of the only closets we have, because the owner of the property has the softener in our house instead of their house that is 4 times the size of ours. But I guess he doesn't realize that water flows both ways. Our house also holds the water pump and we have to pay electric for softener and pump for both houses. Not disclosed on the lease, but I'm going to use that info sometime in the future if he ever threatens to raise the rent again. RELATIVES!

Sobered up, and glad I got a drunk on. Finally got half a brain and figured out a problem is with selling my jewelry. I think I'll have the remedy in no time. Just a few more pieces and a few pictures and maybe an altered picture or two. Glad I got my brain back. I'll be adding lots of new listing and clearing out a lot of older things.

I exercised a lot too. Just a few days and I'm starting to feel really strong. At my age I should never let a few months go like I did. I'll end up not being able to walk upright, like the old folks who are the same age as me next door.

All in all, today was a good day. Now I either have to get over the workplace terrors that don't even compare to the “interview” terrors. Or I could decide to keep selling on the Internet and remain a hermit.


  1. I'm glad that after a foul mood day you still managed to figure things up and take a step forward!

  2. See what a drunken bender can do for a gal? ;)

  3. Amazing how quickly the body gets stronger. I've been working on that myself, and I'm amazed at how far can push myself.