January 6, 2012

January 5, 2012

Baths are wonderful, at least for me. I meditate and relax so that my mind opens to the world.

Once at an interview, I was asked how I brainstorm. I replied: “In the bathtub”. I guess that was the wrong answer, as my interviewers exchanged uncomfortable glares and snickers. But I speak the truth. Something about water is so primal, like returning to the womb, it opens your mind in a way that you just can't any other way. I did NOT get the job, by the way. Guess they wanted someone who could brainstorm in a work group, in appropriate attire.

Last night, in my bath I thought “crochet forms made with eco friendly yarn to use as frames for my flowers”! I just have to choose which yarn. Maybe poly yarn from soda bottles (like my felt), or eco friendly cotton, wools, or bamboo. I can crochet wonderful lacy bridal headpieces and bibs for my flowers. Thank you warm water and Lavender bath salts. But yet another decision to make, and I still need bangle bracelet materials.

New shoes are wonderful. My Christmas gift from my daughter (I've been complaining for months). I just received a pair that fit, because the ones she bought were incorrectly sized. They're still a bit tight, not like my usual buy, but they have much nicer cushy toes. I think I'll get used to them.

Stepping on the scale today. Whoot! I weigh one pound less than I did last time and about 10 less than expected. Maybe those cookies were good for me? Guess I only have sixty nine pounds to loose. I'm going to do a weigh-in weekly, so check back next week to see how I'm doing on weight. I'm actually shooting for 10 pounds a month, so forty total. That'll do. If I do well, I'll share before and after pics.

I exercised, or rather danced while doing housework. I'm really loving Lady Gaga lately. She not only has a beat, she has a soul, something I seem to be seriously lacking of late.

I also came upon the realization that I love selling on eBay. I love their messaging system, feedback is OK, shipping is fantastic, you can even ship international first class. They will take money from you if there's a complaint and even if you are perfect, someone will either be confused by your listing or try to rip you off. I don't like that you can't leave negative for buyers. But the thing I hate the most about eBay is THEIR FEES! I would have to find something that I could sell a lot of that is very desirable. Maybe jewelry supplies. I have a lot of those.

I had a lot of people contact me today about my aprons. It makes me feel better about those, and that's the career I really DON'T want to pursue. But right now, that's where I make most of my money. Maybe I can freelance design, make jewelry, sew, and sell vintage. Oh my! My head is imploding again. But really? I'm doing most of that already.

Today I cleaned. Not what I needed to do to reach my goals, but it needed to be done. I dug in my jewelry boxes to find some things I sold. Yay! Sales! And I did a sketch of the brooch I want to make. 

See the sketch here. The lines on the leaf will be embroidered, and the spots will be French knots. I love the look of French knots. I'm hoping to make the flowers, a stick pin. I might have to buy some thin brass rod and fashion my own, I'll see what I can find. I think I might sketch out the bangles I want to make tomorrow.  I also want to make a crocheted lace Bridal brooch or fascinator.  


  1. I do a lot of thinking in the shower or even more when having a bath, it's a way to shut out the outside and clear your head too!

    Glad to hear you're getting some progress towards your goals!

  2. A good soak seems to do wonders for your creativity...Bathe on my friend! :)

  3. Pass the coookies! Well done on the weight. We've had the conversation about ideas in the water (for me it's the shower - I'm a bit of a phobe about the bottom of my tub - even though I clean it.) I like the sketch and think the embroidery will be fabulous!