January 14, 2012

January 13, 2012

I just got some news. Not sure if it's good or bad. My son, who lives in North Dakota, needs heart surgery. I felt totally comfortable with him getting it at the Cleveland Clinic, because for one, they are really good and also, I am able to be with him and then bring him to our house to recuperate. He won't be having his surgery here though, he will be going to the Mayo Clinic. I guess if he needs to go somewhere else, that would be the next best place.

My son was born with a very serious Heart defect. He wasn't expected to live to adulthood. His first open heart surgery was at one year old. We were told that surgery to further correct his condition was impossible, as it would take longer than the 6 hours max for the heart lung. But then, an amazing thing happened. My son started to deteriorate quickly at age 19. He went for tests, and just as it was when he was one, surgery had to be done right then. The miracle was, that there was one man in the world who could perform his correction in less than 6 hours, and he just happened to be working at the Cleveland Clinic.

I'm remembering all this, because my son's appointment at Mayo is on the anniversary of his first open heart surgery. The thing that has me upset, is that I can't be with him when he does have his surgery. I have no way to get there and no money to stay there, although if it's like Cleveland Clinic, there are places for family to crash and change and bathe. Guess I just have to sit by the phone and worry.

I crocheted a pretty lace fan as a flower base. I need to make some flowers for it now. I forgot that I wanted to make it a headband, but I think this one will be a clip. I made a Green headband and another Ivory Headband for a wedding piece. I really need to clean up my shop for my feature and get some new photos. These new pieces will be more expensive, but they'll be worth it. I plan to have some of them available at my website only.

I set up an appointment for a photo shoot Tuesday. Now I just have to finish more pieces. I actually have too much to shoot, so I have to plan quick ways to do them. I'm going to have the model wear the chains and just switch the flowers. The necklaces will be singles anyhow. I'll pin flowers on the headpieces so I can make a few different styles. I have a few premade necklaces and I think I'll use a clothespin to quickly shoot those too. Easier than working the lobster clasp.

I've been working like mad these past few weeks. I certainly hope something comes of this.  

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  1. Best of luck for getting awesome photos from the photoshoot, and my best wishes and good vibes for your son's sugery!