January 30, 2012

January 29, 2012

What an eventful week it was. I've been very overworked, mostly in the creative area. My week started as a featured artist on my venue. Wonderful. It ended with our car breaking down again and a need to kill or throttle our cat who peed in the baby's new high chair. I think he's jealous of her.

Today I took more pictures of my tiny two flower bouquet brooches. I'm so thrilled with them. They turned out so nice. I even made a pick your own bouquet, with lots of flowers to choose from.

I'm also very excited about the logo that a friend is working on for me. I wasn't even considering making a real logo. It's really coming along nicely.

I'm also getting tiny envelopes to put tiny packets of seeds with my jewelry. I need to design little labels for them too. They will be so cute. I'll be using them mostly for shops in the US, but I'll have to consider what I will offer for internationals that can't receive agricultural items.

I'm trying to think of everything that I could possibly encounter.

This week I hope to work on both of my websites. My sewing is almost caught up. Which is good, because usually business is really slow for me this time of year. I really need to finish getting spreadsheets done for taxes too.

I realized that I've lost a lot of sales since I was “booted off” Etsy, but I got lazy there. I know what I make is good, I just need to get off my butt and sell it in person. I also got a suggestion to have people wear my product with business card in hand. People all over the country. Well I know people all over the country and I'm going to work on that too. 

Watch out friends, you may receive flowers, business cards and a request from me.  

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