January 9, 2012

January 8, 2012

Some days I get so lost, that I have to go back to my ABOUT PAGE to see what the heck this blog is all about.

You have no idea just how cruel the BIG M can be unless you've experienced it yourself. I suppose some don't get it as bad. Maybe it's just those of us who are dysfunctional to begin with. My mom was dyslexic, boy was she dyslexic.

When mom went through menopause she cried every day for at least a year. She was lucky to have a very compassionate boss. She had reason to cry though, she was also going through a very messy divorce. Messy in that the judge lost their trial paperwork and it took over a year for him to make a decision based on nothing left from the trial. I really hate that trial nonsense, because in Ohio, it's simple, what's yours before is yours, what you got together is split evenly. So why a trial when it's cut and dry? Just so the lawyers can make a buck and the judges can keep their jobs.

Mine was miserable too. Menopause, not my divorce. Hormones didn't do a thing, they only dragged out the misery. Vitamins exercise, fish oil and CoQ10 work best for me. I don't know where I'd be now if it wasn't for that CoQ10. It really helped clear out the brain fog. I guess it doesn't work that way for everyone, but it did for me. But maybe it's my odd brain chemistry, or my high cholesterol.

I listed an item this week, that when I went to ship, I found I couldn't send to the buyer. I'm sure that's happened to you sellers at some time or another. You know it makes you feel horrible that it happened, that you screwed up. I gave a full refund and an apology, but the buyer is claiming fraud. I felt bad about it. Now the buyer is such a schmuck and left me my first negative feedback in 5 years (schmuck) that I'm really glad I couldn't send it. And that dude, has some serious bad karma due him.

It is a seriously full moon kind of night tonight. Cats are fighting in the house, customers ranting, baby fussy, 8 yr old full of cola and running around. I really didn't accomplish much more than taking out the garbage and cleaning the litter. I'm really obsessed with crocheting though, and made myself a headband in a new stitch. I haven't crocheted in so long, I have to try some of the new stitches. After all, it will be part of my new product offerings.

I did make some new listings of “single” flowers today. And I researched other seller sites. Not much better than what I'm doing. Guess I really have to work on brick and mortars. I need some clever packaging. I'll have to work on that. I'd love cheap, eco friendly, and looking like florist packaging. Don't want much, do I.

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  1. Everything has to be taken in little steps, and sometimes you take two forward, and sometimes you have to take one back...