January 26, 2012

January 25, 2012

To say that I'm leaning my decisions in one direction is an understatement. I know what I want to do and maybe if I just put my focus there, and not anywhere else I will have success. Maybe I needed this time to discover what is is that I really love and make it happen.

That being said, I have only sold five, yes, that's right, five pieces of my Jewelry since this venture began. Not that people don't love it. Maybe it's my clientèle. Maybe the people who love to wear flowers are just hippies who would rather garden and save the environment, than spend money on themselves. I would love to be able to donate a percentage of my profits to a “green” organization. I suppose I could, because after all, I'm not selling any, so even 50% of nothing is still nothing, right?

I've gotten my to do list almost done. I know there will be more things to add to it. So far I have 25 things to accomplish, these are for my jewelry business and for my product design and they include things like learn my CAD program, Design Packaging for my Jewelry, Bangle Bracelet design and even finish taxes and apply for student loan forbearance. I've even set dates of completion for all the tasks. Now all I have to do is get on my horse and ride.

All of this organization has really got me moving. I can't even begin to tell you how much this has changed my outlook on everything I've been doing. I've been motivated, and actually filled with anticipation for the future of my art, what ever career path choose to follow. I love my new logo and the tagline I'm working on. I feel that when I'm finished it will be as professional as any marketing firm can do for a major corporation. I plan to make a few high end hand painted pieces and try to enter them in competitions. I even have met some of my newly set goals already.

I do have one thing I think I'm failing miserably at. My daughter just found 2 sealed containers of Christmas cookies that we misplaced. That was a hint. I'm doing my weigh in tomorrow and I think I hate myself. Not sure yet, but I haven't been able to exercise much because I got carried away and hurt myself. I think I just need to go out and walk, because I can't seem to dance without shaking my hips and it seems to kinda throw them out. We shall see. I'll let you know tomorrow.


  1. Yay for motivation! Stay strong and work towards your goals!

  2. Catching up on your posts. I think you have to give all of this some time! I'm glad you are so motivated and like the looks you are coming up with. And slow down on the exercise! I have been running (if you can call it that - the fam calls it walking) and never had much of a problem. I was kneeling on the floor a couple weeks ago and something popped. It is still sore and tender - I think it's more of a bruise cuz it turned black and blue, but it scares me to think I can't run. Anyway, I have been working on a spreadsheet, too, because I think it's helping me stay focused on the time it takes to complete tasks...

  3. i hope you're able to accomplish EVERYTHING you set out to do!!!!(and more!)