January 19, 2012

January 18, 2012

Today is weigh in and I was kind of disappointed. I only lost another pound, two total. I should have lost 5 to reach my goal. But the good news is that I measured too. I'm down an inch in my bust, 1.5 at my waist and 1 at my hips. 

That made me much happier. At least I'm gaining muscle mass. The more muscle, the more calories burned when exercising. It takes a while. I was very pleased with the results of my adding exercise back into my routine. Oh and cutting cookies didn't hurt too much either.

I spent a lot of the day editing photos and listing new jewelry. My headbands turned out so nice and the model was fantastic. The photo's were a little grainy, like I said, but they were very sweet. I didn't add too many pictures here, but I will have to add more product to my site today.

I also did some cutting and sewing. Fortunately I'm selling hand sewn.

I read a blog today, one that I have been following for nearly 4 years now. I know you can't read all the past posts. It is written by a mother of a little girl who has had multiple organ transplants that failed and were transplanted again. This little girl has been so close to death so many times and she fights her way back every time. She is amazing and so is her mother and family.

You must read this post about the miracle Christmas gift they received this year. And read what little Emerson's mother Erica has to say about following your passion. I have to keep remembering that. It's not just about the money or even surviving, it's about following your passion.

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