February 13, 2012

February 12, 2012

I was remembering the first time I built a porch railing. It seemed so daunting. There were 2 columns (actually 4, 2 at each corner) and I had to construct 2 newel posts railing and balusters. I also had 2 old flower boxes I wanted to save and mount on the front balusters.

My pictures are in a box in storage somewhere, but I found this picture on Google Maps. I also found my childhood home. You can move around the whole street, the whole neighborhood. I find it very creepy that someone cam out to those neighborhoods and took all of that photography to post on Google maps. I always thought those guys hanging out on the streets were surveyors. I think some of them were Google spies.

The Newels were the hardest to construct. I didn't just buy them. I built a frame and constructed a hollow post over it. There was a square plate with a short 4X4 screwed to the porch, and a 4X4 piece at the top. Then a square top with a round finial.

The railing was not as hard as I thought because the railing has spots for the balusters to sit. It was a little tricky, because you either assemble the whole railing and mount it or assemble the bottom with balusters and try to fit on the top. I opted for that, because I really didn't want to try to hold up the completed piece and attach the top and bottom rails all at the same time. I had some help, but it was not an easy thing to accomplish with even 4 hands.

It was something I wasn't sure I could do, never did before, and in the end, was very pleased with the results. I wish I could show you a picture of the porch with flowers in the boxes.

If I was a bit younger, the challenges I've given myself would not be so daunting. I would be sure I could accomplish them and tackle anything that got in my way. I'm not so young anymore. Not that age should matter, but sometimes it can be a barrier to others.

Did you know that health insurance can cost an employer twice as much for employees over 60 as for employees under 60? Not really fair, but a fact. So what to the people who turn 60 with no job prospects do until they turn 66 and are eligible for Medicare? Or depending on their age, maybe older.

Well if I don't get the Flower Jewelry business going, or get a job designing product, I can always install porch railings.

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