February 15, 2012

February 14, 2012

Today is Valentine's Day. One of the worst ever for me. Not that I don't have a love, but that I've been sick and my daughter is very sick. Her baby is cranky and I've had to help take care of her a lot, because my daughter has a horrible sinus infection. One of those days, when you try to work and it's so hard.

I had to sew and both machines were fighting me. Popped thread on the serger, bunching bobbin thread on the straight stitcher, this is one of the reasons I hate sewing, obstinate machines. I had some imperfect vintage fabric to work with that needed a LOT of work on. Pilling, I hate removing pills. It took a long time. And then I had to package to ship, late at night because it was the only chance I had.

I was able to review and decide on my logo while I was cradling the sleeping baby. So hard to work with one hand. I admire those who work with disabilities. I really have a hard time using the computer with one hand. I even did some photo editing, but the commands I use with 2 keys simultaneously are so hard to do with one very small hand. At least I have a touchpad, not a mouse. That would be so much harder.

I made the final decision on the logo, and although it's not finished yet, I can start working on the things that will use it. Then when I get it back, I can just drop it in the places I need. Finally progress.

I've also decided to calculate how much profit I will make at wholesale, and how many pieces I need to sell to make a decent wage. I hate doing that, because thats why I decided to go into product design in the first place. Although now I do know of better ways to sell my product than back then. Artists and Crafters are much more respected and placed than they were 20 years ago.

I will have to post my results on both my blogs for you to see and see how I came to whatever conclusion I made. Wish me luck.

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