February 16, 2012

February 15, 2012

Today was wasted running my daughter to the Dr for her sinus infection and grocery shopping. By the time I got back and got everything put away and everyone settled down, It was pretty late. We are all feeling pretty bad, so it's hard to get anything done.

I know this is crazy to talk about here, because I want to talk business related thing, but I guess when you look at it, everything you do relates to how you run your business, and the product you make, so here goes.

I shop at an international discount grocer, because we don't have too much money at this time, and their prices are half to one third of the other stores. Selection is not great, but we can feed 5 people for about $250 a month. Beat that! They had packages of Red Velvet cake mix on sale for $.99, after Valentine's Day clearance, so I HAD to buy 2.

Why did I have to buy them? Because I have never had Red Velvet cake in my life. I have eaten trilobite looking sea creatures in China, but never Red Velvet cake. We made it last night and although I can't smell or taste much, it was OK. By that I meant that I really don't like cake. So with a super moist cake and cream cheese frosting, it didn't really taste too much like cake. It was OK.

Now I can say I've had Red Velvet cake. I'll have to try homemade sometime too.

I started calculating profit of my flowers. I have to calculate time and profit to see what I would make on each version. I'll start with brooches and one and two flower necklaces. I should have some results tomorrow. I hope it will be worth my time to wholesale.  

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