February 21, 2012

February 20, 2012

I'm not one to give up on things, but sometime I feel like the Christian in the flood. Do you know that one? The dam broke and the town was about to flood. But the Christian man prayed to God and knew that he would be saved. There was a knock at his door. A man asked if he could drive him to safety before the water reached his house. The Christian man said thank you, but I know my God will save me.

The water came and rose and the Christian went to the second floor. There a boat came by the window and another person came to offer help to get the Christian man to safety. The Christian man said thank you, but I know my God will save me.

The water came and rose higher and the Christian went to the roof. When he got to the roof, a helicopter came and offered the man a ride to safety, but once again the Christian man greatfully refused, claiming that his God would save him. Then the water rose and the Christian man drowned.

When the Christian got to Heaven and met God, he asked why he was forsaken. “I prayed and had faith in you God, why did you forsake me?” God answered. “I sent you rescue 3 times.”

I think maybe I'm just not reading the signs. My shop was closed on Etsy, and I've hardly made any sales on Artfire. I believe in the jewelry and I think it could sell, but maybe I should read the signs and move on to something else.

I started to work on my Taxes today. That's depressing. I made less this year than last and owe more taxes. I do not understand.

I guess I should start work on my design portfolio now. Maybe I really need to start looking for design work. I really did enjoy overseeing sample production at the factory in China. Maybe I need to find a job somewhere in the states doing that, or quality control. I just don't see who the hall is going to hire someone my age, no matter how experienced or qualified I am.  

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