February 4, 2012

February 3, 2012

I spent a little bit of time today working on Taxes again. My daughter Poppy did very well. I did not. She is very resilient. When things start to go sour, she just perks up and does whatever it is that earns the money she needs.

I've been trying to make a go at my business and spending so much time at it that I didn't notice how hard the change has been on my daughter. She has finally decided to close her designer clothing shop. It just doesn't have the sales that she had on Etsy. Artfire is a different type of site to sell at. She does very well at her genre merchandise. I mentioned that I make almost all of my sales in my genre shop. It is not my favorite thing to do. I am sure that what she is selling is not her favorite either.

I blogged a bit about her shop closing. It's been a rough year.

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  1. Maybe you can find a road to sell what you love and inspire her to go back that road if the market changes...