February 18, 2012

February 17, 2012

I was a day behind in my measuring and weighing this week. I lost another pound. Not a big deal as I couldn't smell or taste food, so I didn't really eat too much. I hoped to loose 10 pounds a month and only lost 5 in a month and a half. But it's still progress in the right direction. I'm afraid many of my other goals have fallen short too.

The past two weeks have been a mess fighting off what I thought was a cold, but turned out to be a pretty bad flu virus. My daughters' version involved a very bad sinus infection. Mine was mild sinus and hit my joints and spine, leaving me with a horrible headache for days. I'm better now, but all the extra work I wanted to do was delayed and only the necessary things got done. I was still able to write every day, mostly because there were times I couldn't sleep.

The house is a horrible mess, because my daughter and I were not able to even bend over to pick up after the kids. I did manage to throw out garbage, but bending over to pick up things was out of the question with the headaches we had. Looks like a tornado hit here and now that we're better, cleaning will be a priority next to the product we have to catch up on from sales.

I always try to add a little cushion into my plans. Usually I add a day or two to a project for mishap, but a two week illness is really unexpected. It could be worse. Serious illness or family issues can really mess with life. What would happen if you broke your dominant hand? Would you be prepared for that?

Sometimes it's good to prepare yourself mentally for all possible events. Like having an emergency supply or storm kit. We have 6 gallons of water and a camp stove and a nice little tin can stove that I could use to cook with if we loose power. Six gallons is not a lot of water, but we do have a lake to wash with. Six gallons of drinking water could last us a few days

What kind of “storm kit” could you make for your business?  

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  1. Let's see...my kit would have cookies, wine & a flashlight. I really need the flashlight so I can find the cookies & wine in the dark! ;)