February 25, 2012

February 24, 2012

Oh this virus will not quit. My resistance is so low. Still in my lungs and I'm getting a fever blister on my lip. I only get those about every 3-4 years now. Like when I get the flu really bad. Just making me tired and last night I couldn't sleep. But I have much more energy.

Today I made 5 new headbands. I'm making some Baby Photo Prop, so I worked on one of those and the new tie headbands that can also be worn on the neck. They are really cute and I can offer them at a much better price. They will be great for wholesaling. Just have to figure out the packaging. I also made a new bangle bracelet, heather gray. I think that will be a great color too. I hope I can get some pictures tomorrow, but I'm not sure when I can get them modeled.

I've also worked on my material cost and profit per hour for the headbands, photo props and necklaces. The profit per hour is very good. Nothing under $10 wholesale. That's right where it should be. That is if I can keep the speed up on the manufacturing. It's partially because my cost of materials is low. I'm mush faster at the crocheting than I thought I was. I timed myself today and manufacturing was better than I imagined. Some things are as much as $20 an hour wholesale, but I'd have to say $15 average. That's still a pretty low income, but manageable. If I add full priced shop sales and a few weddings a year, I could live on it.

Next project is to present my work to potential shops. I could use a bit more publicity. I have to work on that too. I have to send out some things and hope I get people to wear them. I'll do a giveaway too.

I'm feeling positive, because I know that a good percentage of success is self fulfilled. It's not the product, it's the presentation and the attitude. 

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  1. Sounds like you're really getting things produced!
    Hope you're feeling better soon : )